Q & A

How do you find the funds?

We audit government files to search for discrepancies in overages, and excess or surplus funds due to individuals from the sale of property after foreclosure. If the amount owed to an individual, business, or an estate is larger than $5,000.00, we contact them to offer our services.

How long does it take to receive my money?

After we process the filings, this depends on the state, the number of claimants there are to the funds in question, and if there is a need to show up in court. Furthermore, counties are not in a hurry to depart from funds. Time is of the essence because the money will revert back to the government if not claimed within a certain period. In our experience, it could take seven weeks or longer than five months to successfully recover funds. This is why having the paperwork reviewed and processed correctly the first time is crucial. We want the disbursement to occur as quickly as possible.

Do I need to give you any money up front?

No!This is the reason why we must have our contract signed and other paperwork notarized, as we will be deploying our resources to make the claims on your behalf.

We are the heirs to an estate. How can we make the claim?

This is not a problem. We will gladly help, though there will be some more paperwork needed.

Is this a scam? 

I Googled my name on the unclaimed funds websites and there are no funds under my name. Yes, we know. This is the reason why we research and audit files. Unfortunately, the government meticulously places the rightful owners under a number (Tax ID or Parcel) to make it harder for you to realize there are funds owed to you. Then, after one to five years, they send the money to another government agency. If not claimed, they escheat the funds and keep your money.

I tried to hire an attorney but she wanted money up front

Yes, we understand that they need to make an income, even when there’s no recovery. They may also request higher fees to show up in court. We will handle all the objections and the difficult trustees for you.


Even if you had a mortgage, bankruptcy, medical bills, or other liens, there may be a surplus!